Benue BASKET (2)Benue BASKET (4)DSCF1099DSCF1164DSCF1266DSCF1383WEAVING (2)WEAVING (5)WEAVING (6)African hair (6)African hair (2)African hair (7) African hair (3) African hair (5)   African hair (1) I decided to go on a stroll my only companion for the moment happens to be my Camera … (FUJI film FINEPIX HS 35 EXR) we both went on a stroll, just looking right and left for amazing and wonderful moment to capture but couldn’t find any, I decided to call it a day when i  when i saw this Energetic ladies  in the  Basket Ball court at the Package B of the National Stadium in Abuja, Nigeria with their captivating African hair style,  I just couldn’t take my eyes off the them but i actually had to plead with them just to capture the hair style. I didn’t have to look for a studio, I took the shot right on the spot My motto: CAPTURE THE MOMENT AND FREEZE IT Watch out for more African Hair style as i go on my Journey … you can get more African Hair Style from BREAK CURVED        



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