If you are conversant with the mostly talked about zone 4 in Abuja, known for its ever glowing Night life which is synonymous to that of Lagos Street in Garki, Abuja with buying and selling both in cash and in kind; even at odd hours; a situation that is a normal phenomenon to those patronizing the ever-growing night scenery.

Oh! You think I want to talk about the night life? About the busy traders buying and selling in cash and its near-equivalents? Nah! My issue is….WHY DID HE STOP DANCING? Really, where did all the fun and excitement go? Could he have received a new revelation that is causing him to now live contrary to his true self? Oh Oh. I’m sure you ae probably lost…wondering…”what is this guy talking about?”…. You will understand in a minute.

TRAFFIC. Just one word…but it is every road user’s worst nightmare. A journey that could have taken a few minutes ends up becoming an Exodus that will take even hours. Having the best of air conditioning in your car might not even make much of a difference. Besides, are you in the car for the air conditioning or so you can get yourself to a destination as soon as possible? Traffic congestions in Zone 4 can become so alarming some times, but thank God for the intervention of these set of people. They come into the scene, make a few ….or many….hand gestures and they get the road moving again.

I love these guys. Really, I’m always impressed with what they do. With them on duty, there is always a certainty that the road will be free… or almost free of traffic. These guys are there when the sun is scorching at its best; they are there working even in the rain. This reminds me of the National Youth Service Corps Motto: “Under the sun or in the rain; with dedication and selflessness….”. These guys are true to the very wordings of the anthem. A big thumbs up to our great Traffic Wardens (a unit under the Nigerian Police Force).

I believe that diligence should be appreciated anywhere it is seen. That is why I will appreciate what these guys are doing. Now, I know that in every establishment, there may be those who don’t really take their job as they should, so I am only talking about the diligent ones here….and today’s ‘man-in-focus’ is Corporal Emmanuel.

Who is Corporal Emmanuel? Well, just like you, I don’t know much about him. I know that he is always at Wuse Zone 4 Bridge. I say ‘always’ because this is the road I pass tto my house on a daily basis. Another thing I know about Corporal Emmanuel is that he loves his job. Oh! You can tell by the excitement that is displayed by his entire body language any time he is at his duty. Have you seen all his acrobatic moves? This guy handles traffic control in grand style ‘dancing his way’ into the job while doing a great work at easing the traffic. Yes, we already have the likes of “GALALA”, “SUO”, ËTIGHI”, “KONTO”, “ÄZONTO” and not forgetting the most popular “SHOKI DANCE”, I still feel a new dance can be created from this guy’s moves….We should name it the “TRAFSY DANCE”.

Have you seen the passion with which this guy dances while controlling the traffic? Isnt it amazing that with all the dancing, he is still perfectly coordinated that he doesn’t mis-direct road users? The dance doesn’t make him lose sight of his job. No. He knows exactly where every car should be per time. The dance is not a distraction to him. It rather enhances his job.

It is also worth mentioning that people appreciate Corporal Emmanuel and how he does his job. How did I know this? Because I see people shower him with money gifts every now and then. Now, I must confess that seeing this guy’s dance has become a normal part of my regular day……until….

I woke up this morning and I decided to take through my normal route to have a smile before going to work only to see CORPORAL EMMANUEL NOT DANCING ON HIS DUTY POST, I begin to ask myself why? But it seems nobody is ready to give me answer to my question,



Corporal Emmanuel


Corporal Emmanuel

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