Scribbled Thought 1

Wahabi Oluwafemi

To the ladies ….
Your pastor would tell you, IF YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED TO A MAN, ask him this question,
1. What is your vision in life?
2. Where are you going in life?
3. What are your plans for the future? Etc etc
I mean no disrespect to the men of God but I think I have my own opinion, because as for me I want to go everywhere.
Because when a lady ask me where I am going, this is going to be my answer.
Your guess is as right as mine, you are thinking what is this guy really talking about.
We wake up every morning to work to earn money, at the end of the day we are all going to die one day, because the human want is insatiable, they would always want more till the time of death.
I want to ask you this question,
As for me
1. I want to enjoy life.
2. Having multiple source of income to be able to fend for myself, my immediate family, parents, siblings and the less privilege.
That is what I want to live for because that is the cycle of life, we work to have money and we use the money to buy things for ourselves and to make the world a better place for ourselves.
This is my own personal opinion, you mustn’t follow me on this one, and if any lady want to JOURNEY WITH ME IN LIFE PLEASE YOU SHOULD TAKE NOTE OF THIS, I JUST WANT TO ENJOY LIFE.

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