Have you ever wondered how the word Time came into being?

It gives us a run for our money because it waits for no one.

As soon as it’s morning and the cock crows, it’s a mandatory fact

For you to get up from the bed to go on with the duty for the day.

For those in Lagos, Nigeria, they know the value of time because

Seconds missed can cause you to miss your Bus to the Office

And once you Miss your bus then you are doomed to be stuck in the traffic.


To others TIME IS FAIR because they have made the best use of it.

Those that think TIME is UNFAIR tend to forget that TIME WAITS for NO ONE, if you make the best use of your time it would give you the profit, because as far as I know the CLOCK IS TICKING, Ticking from Seconds to Minute from Minute to Hours from Hours to Day from Days to Weeks from Weeks to Month from Months to Years.. so on and on it Ticks and it can’t be stopped, It can’t be stored.

DSCF5674Some have got the Good things of life because they have made the Best use of their time; We have all got the same 24hours in a day.

Wait a minute! Who told you that:-

You must shut down all work for the day as soon as its 5pm? Or should I say who told you that you must go to sleep as soon as it’s 8pm? Or should I say which law stipulates that you must wake up at 7am?DSCF5673

Sure you would say your body needs rest after a long day’s job; sure you need rest because it’s good for the body but that is actually the difference between you and the time conscious people.



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