My Weekend shot on the street of Abuja with Natural Sunlight was fun, I went for an occasion as a guest and as my custom I always move with my camera because you really kind determine when a special moment would come by, was actually getting bored at the event when I saw this location and decided to make use of the chance to capture some precious moment.


Now there is a location and no Subject, I had to improvise to make use of a Non Model who finally gave me the best of pose.

                                           Location: Area 1 Garki, Abuja.

                   Photo spec:

                                        Shutter Speed:   1/250

                                         Aperture :           5.6

                                          ISO:                       100

                                          White Balance:         Fine

                                          Film Simulation:        Sepia

                                          Models :Agbiredo Voke  and Ope

DSCF7742DSCF7770  DSCF7763


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