Have you ever wondered why you always have disagreement with friends or Foes,

You don’t really need to rack your brain too much, its actually called PERSPECTIVE

Where you stand determines what you see, the way you think determines what you see and what you see guides your thoughts and belief.

Let me put you through so you would actually know how this works, go get your brother, sister or friend bring out your mobile phone and hold it in front of them and ask:

What did you see?

Probably he would say I can see set of Keys of the mobile phone because the keys are in front of him or possibly he would say I can only see the name of the company that produced the mobile device.

That is a simple indication that we see things differently standing from different angle which is termed as PERSPECTIVE or even if we are standing on the same spot, our way of reasoning determine what we see.

The same way you see a Traffic jam is not the same way a hawker sees it, a hawker sees it as business while you see it as a delay.

The way you see death is not the same way a coffin seller sees death, a coffin seller sees it as business while you see it as a disaster.

Sometime I also sit and wonder about life,

The things we see from our sitting position guilds our thoughts towards life,

Sometime we even think and get so lost that we would forget the very essence of our existence.

But those are tough times, they don’t last but tough people do.


More often than not, You will doubt the very essence of your existence

You will panic,

But I promise you will get there just stay alive, work and believe!! … OLAMIDE ybnl


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