b7bd088c35ea96d50d75fd83886febfdWhen you talk about “Famous failures”, you must inevitably talk about MICHAEL JORDAN, who was removed from his high school basketball team. “I went home, locked myself up in my room and cried” he said. I am sure that after crying, he picked himself up, dusted himself off and moved on to TAKE THAT NEXT STEP and thank God he did, if not, we wouldn’t be CELEBRATING HIM NOW!

image001.jpg.jpegSTEVE JOBS was unceremoniously removed from the company he started, he was devastated and depressed, He said

“I was out — and very publicly out,” he recalled in a commencement speech at Stanford University. “What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone, and it was devastating.” He added, “I was a very public failure.”

but eventually, Jobs received a number of honors and public recognition for his influence in the technology and music industries. He has been referred to as “legendary”, a “futurist” and a “visionary and has been described as the

“Father of the Digital Revolution, a “master of innovation, “the master evangelist of the digital age and a “design perfectionist. True, he is dead but his work still speaks, his legacy still lives on.

Walt_Disney_1946WALT DISNEY was fired from a Newspaper company for “LACKING IMAGINATION” having no “ORIGINAL IDEAS” but today WALT DISNEY’S ideas still puts food on the tables of many till date!

Please, I want you to ask yourself: “where did these ideas come from?” “Thin air?” Nooooo! …. It came from the human mind. All the great Disney had to do was sit, and think more. I am sure. But you could ask him yourself but I know you wouldn’t want to raise him from the dead to for him to tell you the story himself ….

This list is Endless, but let’s talk about Albert Einstein for a second; he had difficulty speaking until the age of four and his teacher say he would never amount to anything much, Oprah Winfrey who they say wasn’t fit for Television,

I want you to make use of your search engine and type their names, you would sure have different amazing information about these FAMOUS FAILURES, because they are still doing great and leaving their mark in the sands of time.

But hey, there is one name that would soon be included in that Group of famous failures and it’s no other person but me Wahabi Oluwafemi Stephen.

I have failed in so many aspects of life, but I have promised myself to always bounce back anytime I fall,


….and you should too.

Wahabi oluwafemiI was taken back to primary one from primary five after my Teacher found out that i couldn’t spell my own name, but i got this determination in my heart to make a difference, also in my University days, Being one of the worst students in class because of my hatred for mathematics, I just couldn’t decipher how the logic of mathematics worked, when the lecturer is teaching all i felt like doing was going to sleep, because all i saw in front of me didn’t make sense to me, even my friends saw me as a joker, even the mere hearing of the fact that the Exam time-table is out, i would develop this serious illness, my friends saw me as being unserious saying i was doing it knowingly, Even a friend would always try to teach me at our spare time but in all sincerity i would understand but as soon as i get into the exam hall, i would go blank and wouldn’t know what to do again. I stayed an Extra year in the university , and I was devastated, depressed to the extent I almost drove myself into a lagoon just to end my chapter but my perseverance to leave a mark in the sands of time kept me going.

I don’t know about you but as for me, I want to be listed among the FAMOUS FAILURES. I have failed on several occasions, but that’s not making me  stop proceeding to the Next Level.

If you have NEVER failed you have Never Tried something New.

Jumping hurdles in life, falling and getting back up, gives you a better story to tell at the end. So enjoy the hurdles!

 …. Wahabi Oluwafemi Stephen

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