I woke up after observing my siesta and I felt so empty and something struck me in the inside and this thought came to my mind in a solemn voice….

“This is the same way the dead would feel now”

DSCF1130A dead person without a legacy would actually feel so empty, all you have to do as a person is to leave a mark in the sand of time because many have gone before you and many would still go after you, so if it’s your turn I would advise you use it wisely and make a difference.

I thought of a way to represent it through photography and I came up with the idea of the match stick which has a lifespan

DSCF1132the same way we human being also have a life span.

If I match stick is lighted it has a life span, same way if a child is born he/she have a lifespan make a difference in your environment.

You might be the talk of the town now, Everybody want to be in contact with you, they just want to hear you speak, its a good sign that you are influential NOW,  BUT WHAT ABOUT TOMMOROW, WHAT WOULD PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU WHEN YOU ARE GONE …. 

DSCF1132.fw DSCF1131 DSCF1061

MANY HAVE GONE BEFORE YOU AND MANY WOULD SOON GO AFTER YOU (what do you see people saying about you when you are long Gone)

Live for “SELF ALONE” Die without a “SUCCESSOR” …. Wahabi Oluwafemi


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