Have you ever been caught in a situation where all people tell you is

You can’t DO IT

This GENRE of product don’t sell in your locality.

People don’t use this product.

People that do such job always go on hunger strike because No one believe in it.

Your idea is not marketable.

I am here to tell you now that all you need is “YOU” and the only Companion that should follow you on that journey is your “SHADOW”.

You don’t need anybody consent to do what you believe in.

You don’t need anybody consent to follow your passion.

Hmmmm… Yea yea Yea …. I know what you are thinking, you are like thinking what is this person talking about and you all you are stuck with is

I am still staying under the roof of my parent, they still have influence on me.

I don’t have finance, how do I start a business or idea were people don’t believe, WHO WOULD BORROW ME THE MONEY?

The Christian brothers would say, WHAT ABOUT GOD? Is HE not supposed to give approval of what you want to do, because he created you and he has the manual to your life, and you know what? God is ….

Shut up … SH….U….TUUUUUUUUUUUP …… bla … bla … BLAAAAAAAA

Save me all the talk and blabbing, Please don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian and I believe in God and I have come to understand that God would never choose a path for you, The same way a counsellor would Never make a decision for you, He or she would only Advice you but the chunk of the whole work still lay in your hands, God is the WONDERFUL COUNSELLOR

I am NOT A PREACHER, I am a GOAL GETTER who has been caughtt in so many “WEB of FAILURES” but I came out Triumphant I never gave up, I persevere I didn’t allow Negative words or thoughts get to me, but sometimes those Negative words and thoughts get to me and I am weighed down, I go into my closet, I cry it out minutes later I clean my face and I am out again in the struggle to take the Next Step.

All you need is YOURSELF, YOUR THOUGHTS, GOD and not forgetting your “SHADOW” because he is your only companion, He goes wherever you go.

Whenever you feel lost and you don’t know where to turn, this is my Candid advice

  1. Run into your Closet.
  2. Cry it all out
  3. Reminisce in your crying state of what you did (IDEAS WOULD COME)
  4. Talk to the Creator. (GOD)
  5. Clean your Tears
  6. Come out of your Closet with a Smile
  7. Anddddddddddd …….. Move on to the Next Step.

Earl Nightingale said

“instead of competing “CREATE”

“Everyone is the “SUM TOTAL” of his own “THOUGHTS”

Your thought determines and guide what you become in life, guide you thought and BELIEVE  POWER OF SELF.


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